I offer support to fellow professionals as a trained relational Supervisor. Gentle curiosity is how I describe my own way of being! I place great emphasis on working in a safe, motivational and encouraging way.  I believe this is achieved by establishing a sound relationship which is supportive and non-judgemental, and there is usually room for some humour too. I consider supervision should encompass both professional and personal aspects. Reflective practice is also a key tool in achieving balanced and rewarding supervision. A warm welcome awaits fellow professionals who might like to try a supervision session with me.

I also currently provide supervision to NHS staff one-to-one and group settings. I enjoy both environments. I attend my own supervision fortnightly and in groups 4-6 weekly to ensure my own practice is constantly reviewed.

SELF CARE: Something we as therapists tend to forget for ourselves is our own wellbeing. The special and specific nature of the work we do means we must pay attention to our own emotional, psychological and physical welfare. Whilst ensuring our clients are cared for to the nth degree we often overlook this area! Our levels of resilience can be sorely tested due to the intensity of the work we do, so I see this as a major consideration in supervision.
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British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy. Accredited member 649863