Anxiety & Panic

I have a special interest in Anxiety and Panic, both of which can be very distressing & debillitating. 1 in 4 of us suffers from heightened anxiety or stress. These are very real and troubling conditions and it is important that we find ways of reducing the effects so we can regain confidence and get on with our lives as we would wish.

I have personal experience of heightened anxiety, but for many years have not suffered distress, as I am able to use various techniques/interventions which reduce the feelings and symptoms that can arise. So I understand how awful episodes of panic and heightened distress can be. These interventions are simple to learn and are cognitive behavioural techniques which can really help you to feel in control and generally much better!

I am an 'integrative therapist'. This means I consider various therapeutic approaches tailored to your specific needs.  I assess, in collaboration with individual clients, what might be of help; this will involve talking, listening, building trust and sharing. We may, for example, decide upon 'Solution Focused Therapy' ( finding an actual solution if appropriate), making sense of something, we may look at Self esteem/confidence and ways of building this. Sometimes keeping a journal can also help, it is a good way of venting and clearing a cluttered/confused mind.

We might also look at ideas around 'food and mood' (evidence demonstrates links between certain food types and various conditions). Helping you to relax might also be relevant, and I can offer some simple hypnotherapy-based techniques. Infact there are a myriad of ways and ideas we can explore together to find a way forward. Help is at hand!
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